One "like"= one fact about MusicMagicBook, my fantasy les miserables retelling (featuring these smol cinnamon rolls. Art by Rachel Wang)

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1. It's technically fantasy historical fiction, but only if you catch very small details.

2. I completely cut Valjean from this story and I have no shame.

3. This is my... third attempt at adapting les mis into book form.

4. I've had so much fun making the characters based on Eponine and Cosette into active, badass, dynamic characters

5. I've read the unabridged brick cover to cover three times in my life, but for this one, I only re-read the Marius parts

6. I've always adored the Amis/Barricade boys and their interactions. Complicated friend groups are the bestttttt

7. One part of the brick I loooove that doesn't really get explored in the musical is marius's complicated family life and search for his own identity. That's the backbone of this work.

8. It's really bi, guys.

9. Clumsy, baffled, in-love-with-everyone marius is the best, and most canon Marius.

10. There are eldritch horrors from the deep! Surprise!

11. I have realized the line between horror and fantasy is very fuzzy thanks to this book

12. It features enemies to lovers BECAUSE I WROTE IT DUH

13. I've been working on it, off and on for over a year. I've faced so many HUGE, DEEP moments of utter hatred of writing and feeling like an abject failure as an author. But I'll be damned if I don't finish this before the BBC tv based on the brick starts

14. There's a shitton of morally grey characters

15. Cour, the red head in the picture, is my nb smol who is an utter scene stealer and has become a major character by charm alone

16. The first draft was done in about 8 months. (@Heather_Slee thank you for the question!)

17. This clip from the 82 version prooooves my cour/marius ship is canon, darn it. (Tagging @KMSzpara because this clip needs to be seen by more people)

18. It's set on an island, which may or may not be a real place ;)

19. Patron Minette features heavily in the book, although it's mainly Montparnasse and Claquesous... as well as... Gavi, my blend of three characters from the original

20. Gavi might be my all time favorite female character I've ever written: she's powerful, fearless, dangerous and utterly unwilling to put up with melodramatic bs from boys.

21. My writing playlist is 40% the two different French soundtracks of the musical, 20% badass female vocalists, and 30% 2000s pop punk. And 10% the Clash, because it's me. Duh.

22. Cosetta is the richest, most powerful mage on the whole island ... and isn't quite sure how she feels about the dork with a crush on her that keeps staring at her in the park.

23. Writing the end of the barricade scene made me cry.

24. If I had to pick comp titles, I'd say, SWORDSPOINT, BLOOD ROSE REBELLION, and THE PIPERS SON

25. As for marginalized rep, all I can say right now is yes. I don't want to confirm things until I hear from a multitude of paid sensitivity readers.

26. Also some stuff is ownvoices! Yayyy for author bravery.

27. The clothing style is both musical and punk rock inspired!

28. The world it's set in is heavily divided by socio economic class, as in the original too.

29. The world diverged from our own when the Roman Empire discovered how to use music to make magic

30. So, centuries later, musicians are the most powerful people

31. I binge watched a looooot of Versailles to get the opulence levels right.

32. It also deals a lot with loneliness, and the struggles I had as a teen making friends.

33. "Attack on rue plumet" is my most listened to les miserables song for this project.

34. Art by @linneadoodles of Enjol, fearless, fiery leader, whose ends may or may not justify the means.

35. There's a lot of tattoos in this book. Some are little nods to various les Miz fandom things. Some are just pretty.

36. Pretty much all the characters are renamed, except for my sweet Potato, Marius. I never found another that worked.

37. In working on this, I finally learned how to pronounce Enjolras Courfeyrac And so much more.

38. THERE ARE SO MANY AMIS! I tried hard to at least mention all of them. ❤️

39. Ferra (renamed from Combf.) is my bookish warrior lady of my heart. She'll hit you over the head with a book or the butt of a rifle, if you get in her way.

40. Grant is such a beautiful, broken, hopeless hot mess who won't put the bottle doooown.

41. Joli is the youngest of the group, and spends far too much time worrying she'll catch a cold

42. Bahl intends on never graduating, as real life seems like far more effort than planning a revolution

43. (Starting this back up because edits are ouch) I thought a retelling would be easier than a new story, and yet, this has taken longer than any book I've ever drafted

44. .... there is barely a plot in the original, as far as stakes go

45. I adore the witty banter friendship between Marius and Cour, and I even more adore how @linneadoodles captures the mood of these two.

46. This is the shortest book I've ever written. (Need to bulk it up in edits)

47. There is surprisingly little kissing in it

48. (Back at this!) The antagonist is the oligarchy which has spun narratives based on lies to keep the lower classes oppressed. (HMM. I WONDER WHERE THAT CAME FROM)

49. Smaller conflicts come between the rebels, who disagree on how to be radical

50. And of course, conflict comes from between wealth levels, a topic near and dear to my heart.

51. I'm just gonna ramble about Gavi now. She's my fav. She's the head of an organized crime ring, a master thief, and stated to be pansexual.

52. A Gavi aesthetic!

53. She's my adaption of Thenardiers... well. Rather. A "what if" thenardier's kids got his cunning.

54. She doesn't have a tragic backstory. She's just a badass.

55. One of my secret goals with her is to make her more badass than a certain popular character in a book I haaaaate

56. Secretly, I wish I could write this book in French

57. Tonight, I typed these words.

58. This is the second draft that has taken me the LONGEST out of any. ONE ENTIRE YEAR from outliney first draft to crap but complete finished draft.

59. I got to do real world research for this book on my recent trip to France!

60. For example, these photos I took in Versailles

61. Resurrecting this thread bc edits! I am in love with writing things set on islands. But I hate boats. So! The sea is full of monsters!

62. One of the elements I love in the Brick that gets lost in the musical is how much self discovery Marius has to do. His quest to find his father always makes me cry.

63. Part of the inspiration for the project was @thebookvoyagers challenging me to write a soft boy broody ages ago. (So thank you!)

64. I've never been able to figure out what is so appealing to me about the "band of brothers" trope, so there's a lot of thoughts about that in the book

65. so. Much. Friendship. (And yet no friends to lovers because well in me)

66. If anyone has an idea of what to rename Marius, I AM ALL EARS.

67. There's something cozy about writing a stand alone fantasy.

68. Not all the friends of the abc are the same gender they were in canon, but hopefully readers won't mind that.

70. Only bc of a lot of comments from people on the character and pronouns matter! :) Cour, the redhead in the picture above, identifies as gender fluid and uses They/them. They also are incredibly cheerful, talented at the violin, and the glue that holds the group together.

71. The entire magic system is built on music... which is a little bit inspired by the liturgy of the hours (minus the theology behind it) I'm fascinated by the idea of songs for each part of the day.

71. You know, by the time I reach the number of facts required, these tweets are gonna be longer than the Brick itself. (I'm counting that as a fact)

72. In preparation for this project, I re-read the whole brick AND THEN, read Marius's book in four of the most well known translations.

73. Which leads me to WOW. Translations of #LesMiserables really differ! It's fascinating to think of how much of our character opinions are dictated by translation choice (I'm looking at you, Julie Rose and your choice to have Enjolras and Grantaire "shake hands" at the end...)

74. I've woven in little reference to the oldest translation Bc it's out of copyright... and I can! (I think?)

75. If someone can explain to me how the Brick can have 365 chapters AND NOT PROVIDE MOST CHARACTERS FIRST NAMES... that would be great.

76. It's a standalone!


77. It has a playlist! Tada!

78. The Courfeyrac / Marius friendship in canon is TOTALLY IGNORED in the musical and that makes me so sad. SO! It's in my version!

79. I mean: "#Courfeyrac did in fact have that youthful vim we might call the diabolical beauty of wit. Later on, this fades away like the sweetness of a kitten and all that grace ends, on two legs in the bourgeois, and on four legs in the tomcat." -Victor Hugo (Rose translation)

80. If that does not convince you, here, have a commission from @linneadoodles of Cour and adorkable Marius. Cour is probably giving Marius some terrible advice, which they are quite good at.

81. Marius's costumes make me so happy.


83. (Doubling as #ThursdayAesthetic for "supporting character") ENJOL! Charming, capable of being terrible!

84. It was exceeding hard to write the heartbreaking "do you permit it?" Moment while in Marius POV But I thiiiink I did it?

85. For real though, grantaire is an incredibly difficult character to write, in part because of his cynicism and in part due to the crushing weight of bow much fans love him.

86. The interesting thing about writing a retelling of something that has been retold so often is that I'm in conversation with alllll the retellings that have gone before

77. Half the aesthetic of the characters is stolen from the punks of 1977 ish England (yes I used the number to inspire the fact)

78. Every. Single. Reader. Has picked the same favorite supporting character. 🤣🙃

79. It's probably the only project I'll ever write with an evil grandfather.

80. It's a darker world, but I am committed to there being no mention or implied sexual assault. You don't need that to write dark fantasy!

81. I used the phrase "twirled a knife" 17 times in my first draft. Oops.

82. For those brick! Reading les miserables fan... I fit in Blondeau's funeral oration

83. I was partially inspired by how Mary Robinette Kowal once mentioned she tried to slip a line of Austen into each of her glamourist books.

84. One of the coolest things about magic-based alternative history is thinking about how that impacts fashion trends

85. If people have to sing to summon magic, what clothes would make that easier? How would musical motifs be woven into life etc

86. I have watched this video a loooot for the aesthetic

87. Yes, it does have E/R

88. Marius's grandfather makes a surprisingly good villain


90. (Dear goodness I'll never get these done) Sea monsters are surprisingly fun to write and I'm shocked I've never done so before.

91. Sketches by @carriecmoney! First up, Marius, the melodramatic potato

92. COUR! My dear, sweet, Cour (also by @carriecmoney )

93: The fiery leader Enjol! (Also by @carriecmoney) (Also perfect color scheme for my Enjolras!)

94. For someone who got kicked out of chorus, I really like writing about singers

95. My fav monsters are the smoke-eels, which have the bodies of eels and wings of bats

96. E/R is a very tricky ship to write and I salute all the brave coffee shop AU writers who have gone before me

97. Of the barricade boys, all of them DO appear, though some are genderswapped. I tried to both honor fandom and canon ideas about each of them.

98. That being said, I still have no idea how to spell lesgle???

99. Lets be honest, I have to double check the names of all of those silly amis.

100. As mentioned, the barricade boys have a very punk aesthetic. So when Marius joins them... he gets a makeover! (Amazing art by @linneadoodles )

@linneadoodles 101. TEAM EPONINE FOREVER (I mean, in a version where she has agency and isn't a waif who dies for the dude who doesn't love her)


@linneadoodles 104. AND team courfius bc that is my fav under-rated ship that's basically canon. *cough* intimate friend indeed


103. For many of the songs, I got to include snippets of Hugo's French poetry, which is so cool!

104. This is the first book I made a detailed outline for, and I think I'll do so always going forward.