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1. Not sure if I’ll make it to 129 but here we go. Donald and Douglas have been through four different shades of blue. The second was never photographed, but it was very similar to the metallic Take Along Thomas.

2. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not overly fond of those two models. I’ve never felt they were well done. They’re currently being reworked, although the picture is from last year’s repaint.

3. One of my favourite models I’ve made is Red Henry - so simple that I couldn’t possibly mess it up. The wheels should be red, but this is my only Black 5 chassis.

The first time Douglas was finished, he had a Scottish flag on the back of his tender.

5. My first attempt at lining was with a permanent marker. For a long while I used paper stickers, and most recently I’ve begun to use lining tape.

6. My collection of buildings has been bulked out of late by Dapol kits. I like Dapol kits.

7. I think the best thing I’ve ever painted is my Ffarquhar station building. It was extremely rewarding to upscale it from a toy to a model.

8. The first set I made that resembles my current work was this viaduct set. I’m still really proud of it. It managed to rack up 40 odd likes which I found really overwhelming. Before then, I was happy with 10.

9. Following that success, I vowed to build the series 3 bridge set. It took a year to get round to finishing it.

10. Should’ve put this after Ffarquhar. I’ve tried to find other toy buildings that could be upscaled. The De-Agostini station is passable as a background building I’d say.

11. The very first train set I ever got was this. Thomas is currently being reworked and Percy will probably end up being repainted.

12. I build my sets on sandpaper, which sits on a big sheet, which sits on the floor. The sandpaper means I can tidy up ballast much easier.

13. My Hornby Thomas is 15 years old. As such he doesn’t work very well. Sometimes he has to borrow Duck’s chassis if I can get away with it on camera.

14. I’m currently working on a model of Duncan. Really pleased with how the coal load is looking so far. You can find the model by 2A Rail here:

15. The two stone berths of Ffarquhar Sheds were built out of cardboard and milliput. They were measured to fit alongside a Hornby Skaledale shed.

16. James was finished in just three days, and even then most of that time was waiting for paint to dry. I had all the materials to hand which made everything quicker still.

17. The only modifications Stepney has had are silver buffers. The only other thing I would ever consider doing would be adding lamp irons.

18. You may have noticed these hills quite a lot. These were made with polystyrene and scatter grass. Very handy things to have, and they stop me from needing to faff about with grass mats.

19. Only very recently have I begun to pay attention to TVS sets for inspiration. Before then I built everything from memory.

20. This is the very first set I built with scenery. I got into buying it by chance - Hornby had a sale on. They discontinued their scenery very soon after that.

21. Before then, I had been building sets on the floor. These pictures and many more like them were uploaded to DeviantArt. If anything, they helped me learn what track plans worked and what didn’t.

22. The sets from ‘Bulgy’ were made just after those seen in post 20. These are incredibly crude - I didn’t have any hills or proper grass to work with. I am quite proud of what I managed to achieve with such limited resources however.

23. I got a grass mat and actual ballast soon after. I had actually been using fine gravel.

24. I made aSpencer model a while back. It uses a Great British Locomotive Collection shell and borrows it’s chassis from another A4 I own. It’s really not that good, but I did use spray so the finish is okay-ish.

25. I also have a static model of Stephen. It too comes from the GBLC range. It has a Victor face and a plasticine smokebox. I really must fix that.

26. I made a little Fat Controller figure out of milliput a few months back. Granted he looks a little odd, but he actually didn’t turn out too bad.

27. Here’s one for the Herbie fans. The first thing I ever painted was a 1/64 Beetle toy - I think I was 11 at the time. It was of course superseded by the rather odd Hot Wheels version.

28. I might as well bulk this thread out with behind the scenes stuff. Tidmouth no more.

29. Here’s a set from last year. You can get a sense of how precarious these things are and how they can very easily fall apart when you need to film on them.