I'm bored but I don't have a real series on YT (The RWS doesn't count since are just remakes), so one like=one fact about my mash-ups https://t.co/e0r2MgQjkl

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In fast Supper, the original intro was supposed to be the one from Fast and Furry-ous

At first the mash-ups were supposed to be a Deviantart exclusive with just the logo of the cartoon changed to fit in the Thomas' universe. The my BF pass me Sony Pro Vegas

If the Fast Supper was a flop I probably would have left Youtube (mostly because of the haters)

I do all the voices in my mash-ups. The guys you spot in the credits of the RWS remakes are my friends but they want to do only those videos because the mash-ups come out more often

My next mash-up will come out (maybe) on August and it will be my very first video collaboration

The idea of creating mash-ups came out because I really hated those videos where they just take clips from the original series and put them over the audio of other cartoons

I use Trainz because of Steam's sales. Otherwise I would have never starting videos (because I'm too poor to buy HO/OO models(and because I'm not so good at customs))

Gravity Falls was the first mash-up ever created....as a storyboard

Steamed Coal was supposed to be a Twitter video

Toby-Henrietta (Banjo-Kazooie) was a test for a future bigger project

I will never EVER do a My Little Pony mash-up

The Fast Supper was originally 8 minutes long

Steamed Coal took me only 1 hour to create it

I choose the characters for my mash-ups based on their personality, not their look or similarities

Thanks to the mash-ups i re-discovered cartoons that I hadn't seen for a long time like: Chowder, Ren and Stimpy, Ed Edd Eddy, Flapjack, Cow and Chicken, Bob the Builder and all the Disney shorts/movies

There are two reasons why I never release a trailer of my mash ups

The first reason why I don't release trailers is because I'm afraid someone can steal my idea

The second reason why I don't release trailers is because I can't create them. Is impossible without spoiling something

Most of the ideas for new mash-ups come randomly or because at that time I've been obsessed with something (for example, Toby-Henrietta came out because in that period I played all the time at the Banjo-Kazooie)

Currently I'm working on 12 Mash-ups

At first the engines, in the mash-ups, were supposed to wear the face of the character they play

My last mash-up, when I'll left YT, will be probably a Disney Movie

An animator would be a big help

Strangely my only mash-up monetised by the claimant is The Fast Supper (Warner Bros)

Thomas is the main character, by far, that appeares in less mash-ups

In the mash-ups, the engines are actors

I create all the new routes (Desert in Fast Supper and yard in James Jones)

In the future I'll probably create an episode for Percy the Cowardly Engine and Crazy Races since the intro isn't enough

I need a Thomas Bachmann model and some clay for a project

I wanted to include the bloopers in the credits of my mash-ups but then I decided that it have to be a RWS exclusive

One of the deleted scenes from the Fast Supper

And another one

And another one

This was supposed to be the original thumbnail for The Fast Supper

Steamed Coal exist just for views

When I don't know what female use for my mash-ups I always choose Mavis, because she is more cute than Daisy and she's a RWS character so everybody are happy

I can't do a lot of mash-ups because the models I need are private/not created yet

The most hated comment: "Do Tom & Jerry" I'M F****ING TRYING. IT'S NOT AN EASY JOB

I run out of facts. If you have any question, just comment the post