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Albert is the nicer out of the two Falcons. He’s modest and always tried to have Falcon see sense. When he was scrapped that’s when Falcon started to become the way we see him in Four Little Engines.

Atlas and Alfred are not owned by the MSR rather they are owned by the mining company itself.

Smudger was ordered by the manager Bertram miller prior to the railway’s opening. But when Bertram was built in secret as a surprise (by the earl) for the manager the numbering got messed up. Resulting in Smudger staying No. 2, John No. 3 and Bertram No. 4

Mister Fergus Duncan became a clerk on the MSR during the 50’s now he’s the manager.

When the Sodor regiment served in Northern France during WWI they had acquired a captured french 0-4-0 (Millie) when the war was over the Earl brought her back to Sodor and had Stanley reserved for him to buy for the MSR

Originally Duke was built in the form we see above. Albeit with a lighter shade of brown much like his TVs livery

Because the Arlesdale Railway can’t exist in this timeline the personalities of some of its engines have been transferred over to some MSR engines. Bert=Tim,Rex=Jim, Frank=Kerr (a maintenance diesel) Tit for Tat and Useful Railway still happen

During construction the earl Sir John Arnold Norramby asked Mister Drixon of Kirkleas to donate a significant amount of funds towards the completion of the two needed tunnels on the mountain road. Because of these tunnels the railway is later able to properly transport-

-materials to the aluminum works. New trucks are built and Bauxite is brought to the works. This ultimately is what keeps the MSR open and the NWR Peel Godred Electric Branch is never built.

During the 60’s a branchline from Peel Godred to Kirk Machan is built providing access from the MSR to the CFR.

In the year 1900 the grand Peel Godred Central Station is built right next to the town square. It resembles S4 Crovan’s Gate a lot but does not have the standard gauge parts.

In 1936 the Boat trains ceased to run however the coaches were kept at Bridge Street sheds. 3 Engines were withdrawn and were kept at Arlesdale Works. Tim, Jim and Albert. However Duke, Stuart and Falcon remained in service until 1953 when passenger services were reopened and-

-the remaining three withdrawn engines were returned to service.

Every December the MSR has a Santa Special pulled by Stuart and Jim. Duke is dressed up as Santa Claus which he doesn’t like one bit. Falcon hates the entire ordeal.

Smudger came first then was withdrawn in 1902 and converted to be a generator. Stanley was turned into a pumping engine and after failing in 1947 has been left in the flooded ruins of Cas-ny-hawin mine. He didn’t survive his “failure”

Bertram worked alongside Duke until 1934 when he was withdrawn and shunted to the now abandoned Sodor Gold Co. The son of his last driver is the signalman we see in Toby’s Discovery. Also that episode still happens.

Falcon does have a heart. Somewhere, its just really rare when he shows any sort of affection for anything or anyone else besides his bogie coaches.

Fergus Duncan built his home at Arlesdale Green with his bare hands. (The Earl and his son helped too) The engines delivered supplies. He’s very hands on with nearly everything.

Duke’s shed was built by his grace and was constructed out of the finest stone and a timber roof. No expense was spared. Duke loved it. (and in the normal universe its because of this shed that Duke survived being entombed in earth)

During the 50’s and 60’s local goods traffic was slow so Jim was left to service only the farms as well as the local’s trivial errands.

I hope to make videos about the MSR sometime in the future.

After my Duke replica I hope to make a very detailed model of Jim in the season 4 scale.

Every other year a steam rally is held at Arlesburgh Harbor of which Duke and Jim are normal attendants. Skarloey was once brought over for the rally. The rally’s location alternates between Cros-ny-cuirn and Arlesburgh each year.

Tim, John and Jennings were the three engines that ran the Arle Valley Tramway. The railway that was there before the MSR was built. Now only Tim remains.

Tim* stupid similar looking letters.

Alfred was scrapped in 1936 in order to provide enough parts for Atlas’ overhaul. Atlas misses him a lot. After the mine closed in 1947 Atlas was left in his shed he used to share with Alfred outside the village. Preservationists found him in the 50’s and he was left in the-

-sidings at Arlesdale until he could be restored.

Jim is basically a more cheeky version of Stuart.

Smudger is named that because when he arrived he “smudged up” the railway’s numbering system.

Smudger derailed so often because of his long wheelbase and the railway’s tight curves.

Because the MSR never closed The Skarloey Railway never acquires Peter Sam and Sir Handel. Instead Jerry is sent there on a permanent loan and Stuart and Falcon were loaned to them until 1960 when Duncan arrived.

Mighty Mac is built as the MSR’s first and only double fairlie as of 1974.

Surprisingly Freddie is not from the MSR rather he was loaned to the SR before returning to government ownership and being restored in the 60’s

One of the former Wellsworth and Suddery Tank Engines ran the Arlesburgh branch until the 1960’s.

My long term goal is to make a layout of the MSR but since I can’t fit every location on it im going to make dioramas and simple sets for the other locations.

Every Halloween the engines gather around the shed and tell each other ghost stories. Their drivers also have a little cookout on the other side of the sheds.

The Earl’s father Charles Henry Norramby was killed in North Africa during WW2 by jumping ontop a grenade to save his men. Robert Charles became leader of the regiment right after and travelled across the globe after the war.

There’s a paddle tug that is preserved in Arlesburgh Harbor used to work for the Isle of Man Steam Packett Company.

Bertram was named by his grace Sir John Arnold Norramby after the manager who greatly appreciated the token of good will.

Bertram Miller the first manager hated paperwork with a burning passion that’s why the early history of the MSR is not well known at all.

In the 1960’s a branch line from Arlesdale to Kirkleas is built financed by the Drixon Family in order to provide rail access to their manor.

Jennings is a Fletcher Jennings Class B he arrived on the Arle Valley Tramway in 1866. He was the wisest and most kind engine Duke had ever met and he mentored Duke during his early years. However when Smudger arrived Jennings was scrapped and now only his whistle remains.

Smudger often is incredibly cold during the winter despite being a steam engine. He’s also used as a trainee engine for new firemen who need practice.

Officially there is a MSR preservation society but the railway itself is still owned by the railway company. They help in keeping certain things in certain conditions.

There is a small vein of gold somewhere in the arle valley but the true location is a mystery. However some of it was mined to make King Godred Crovan’s Crown.

If I can get away with it I would have the cab on Duke’s replica being open and not blocked up but thats a bit unlikely.

Duke was officially named The Duke when he was built and had the a nameplate reading that name. When he was rebuilt to have a saddletank his namplates were removed and now are hung on the wall of his shed.

Originally Duke and Bertram would run the picnic and boat trains but when Falcon and Albert arrived with their new coaches Duke only ran the picnic and Bertram was left to only working at the mines.

My longterm goal is to model every single engine that worked on the MSR (even 2 OC’s but don’t worry they’re really well thought out and don’t have stupidass modern names)

Arlesburgh West is essentially a heavily built up and developed transfer yards from season 9 although they still have a chute.

in addition to making all the Mid Sodor engines i plan on making RWS Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas. And maybe Daisy and Ryan. But they will only be seen at Arlesburgh.

Duke and Falcon were present when Oliver pulled Scruffey apart. Falcon laughed his boiler off while Duke was disgusted with the whole situation and refuses to talk to Oliver ever again.

Awdry didn’t write about Bertram because at the time he didn’t know he existed as he wasn’t rediscovered yet.

Some of the s6-12 SR episodes are actually adaptations of stories from the MSR although they are very watered down.

For the REALLY long term after I make Jim in the season 4 scale i would like to make Atlas but he definitely won’t have an eye mech.

In 1953 when the passenger services were restored voulenteers from Sodor, Man and even England all came to help in the restoration of the line. All those friends Duke had made didn’t forget him and his line.

Duke used to return to Boston Lodge for his overhauls but now he goes to Crovan’s Gate. He misses talking to Prince on his visits.

The Ffarquhar Road Water Mill sells breads and pastries to all visitors and a picnic area has been built outside the mill.

Falcon never usually has to take trucks now that the boat trains are back in service. Albert doesn’t mind trucks but prefers his coaches.

If i had enough money i’d totally make a detailed model of RWS Duke in the Season 4 scale.

While i have tested some of my engines to make sure they can run I honestly don’t see myself running them often except when filming them.

One day I hope to make a mini layout of Marthwaite

Mister Gauld Peters a famous artist from Arlesburgh painted a portrait of Duke after his overhaul in 1930. A copy of this portrait is the one we see in the tvs. His other works are showing the MSR during the 30’s-the 60’s.

If I remember correctly I will have made 3ish models of Duke by the end of all this

I really hope to make a model of Cora in the Season 4 scale sometime after Duke but before Jim

I plan to redo Bertram at some point but i just haven’t gotten around to it yet. The paint i used was pretty blah, stupid Krylon

None of the MSR coaches have names except the two Pullman Observation coaches named after The Duke and Duchess of Boxford. Gertrude and Millicent aren’t MSR coaches they’re very obviously a TR design. Christopher messed up.

Im currently trying out different browns for RWS Duke. Ultimately anything lighter than Bertram’s works out well.

Because of how many engines im making and the fact that I can’t reuse some of the smaller faces Im having a hard time finding good faces small enough to use for my engines.

Originally I wanted Proteus to be a MSR engine but then I found the idea silly and would rather have him to just be a story.