Time to jump back on the ol’ bandwagon! One like=one fact about my Trainz videos. https://t.co/3ouc8tMpD8

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1. The very first Trainz Remake I did, when it was originally uploaded, was blocked in every country except Poland for some reason.

2. One of the routes used in my remake of Rusty and the Boulder was made specifically for the video, but was later released during the holidays of 2017.

3. I have only used eye animation in my Tenders and Turntables remake.

4. If I’m correct, my Snow remake was the very first video of mine to use green screen effects.

5. The Tidmouth Hault route I’ve used since my remake of Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach is an edit of an old route made by Train4755, with additional textures and clutter added by me.

6. I started using FreeIntCam in my remake of Rusty to the Rescue and have used it ever since then.

7. I filmed and edited my Trouble in the Shed remake while on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

8. Thomas and Gordon was the first remake I did that was made to promote a new Trainz asset.

9. Despite Ryan Takes Over being the first original story I adapted, before that I made a remake of Terrier55Stepney’s episode “Stationary” as an entry for a competition he was holding.