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1. One of his first part-time jobs was at the sushi shop. He was the only male waiter in the restaurant, all the other waiters were girls.

2. At school he wrote notes with colorful pens and doodles. He used so many colors writing notes he ended up forgetting what was important

3. One of his first performances on stage was at Fenix Plaza at Fukui as an entertainer on some event, where guests were drinking alcohol...

...two drunk man got on stage and started dancing when he was singing. That photo got on a cover of a local newspaper the next day.

4. August 11 (his birthday) is also a Mountain Day. He never went to mountains and doesn't like hiking. He doesn't thing MtDay is cool.

5. He likes sea to the point he wanted to be a fish. Though he's afraid of water, can't swim and uses boiling hot shower to wash himself.

6. He started learning how to play a piano only before his first live so he would be able to perform Kimi no Tonari de accompanying himself

7. He hates explaining things. He tries hard for it to make smooth and understandable, start messing words and gets really embarrassed

8. Once he went to public bath, payed 4000 yen to get in, took his clothes off, got really embarrassed and went back without bathing

9. He cut his fringe to match Asahi hairstyle but it didn't managed to grow back until Wonder Lab 2016 so he used a clip-on fake fringe

10. At school times he used red and blue pen to draw scars and wounds to look cool as if he was a gang member that just got out of fight

11. He has a bad habit of forgetting his own things (like accessories and ball pens) at the places he go to work, especially at studios

...you can't wear accessories during after-recording (I think because if some sound troubles?) so he takes them off and forgets

12. He hates when people take peeping photos and afraid for his photos (especially sleeping and no make-up) to be posted on Internet

13. His boxer briefs size is M

14. Even though he can't swim he has a swimsuit. It's green with some white parts

15. The thing he can cook really good (and the only thing he can cook) is omu-rice. He prefers thin type instead of fluffy one

16. He was playing tennis and recievied a lot of trophies but he was at volleyball club at school. He also had a really kind team captain

17. The first thing he finds attractive in a girl is her hands. Seeing beautiful manicure makes him want the same for himself

18. Speaking of girl types he ones said he likes braided hair imagining a romantic girl in a white dress with straw hat

19. His favorite smell is the smell of hair and hair treatment after going to the hair salon

20. He doesn't like perfumes and if the smell of perfume is strong (like of a person around him) he starts feeling bad and dizzy

21. He loves manga. Among his favorite he ever mentioned (not connected with job) is Tokyo Ghoul, Kurenai Ouji, Tenkuu Shinpan and Bokurano

22. Manga that have left the biggest impression on him is Fruits Basket. He said it can't be read without shedding tears

23. He loves gaming. He has various game consoles and carries Nintendo 3DS in his bag. He can spend his whole day-off lying in bed gaming

24. Among the other things he always carries in his bag are iPad, wallet, candies, MacBook, pocket Wi-Fi and Aron Alpha super glue

25. He always had bagpacks but recently switched to a bag. His bag is black leather with metallic spikes. And black Viviene Westwood wallet

26. He likes spending time in cafe with PC or smartphone games before going to work. It's important for him to relax before work like this

27. Mikaze Ai was his third voice acting role and he first appeared in drama CD in 2011. PSP game with Ai released in 2012 and anime in 2013

28. He is "ame otoko" (rainy man) - it is always said about people whose presence always seems to bring rain

...on his birthday event he apologized to fans who waited outside to buy goods under the rain because it was his fault that rain started

29. He always designs costumes he would wear to his live by himself and also does the stage and performances planning

30. His official mascot Tamu-Tamu was also created by Shouta himself. At that time he called it a familiar of Maou (Demon) Shoutan

31. He loves K-Pop a lot. He mentioned listening to Boyfriend, Infinite and T-ara and watching K-dramas with his mom

32. He loves Korean food and spicy food in general. He can't handle it if it's too spicy though. His summer favorite was Tantanmen

33. He loves sweet things. He LOVES sweet things. He will never miss a chance to try some cake, parfe or waffle and take a photo of it

34. When going to convinient store he spends a lot of time at sweets corner and always grabs some jellies or other sweets

35. He loves corgi to the point he mentioned it at least 7 times at different interviews (I'm sure there's more though)

36. He has a sister 10 years older than him. She's a quite of an opposite of him, she's boyish, played drums and studied in America

37. He used his first money he ever received at elementary school to buy a game boy and Pokémon game

38. He has an allergy to crab meat. Fun thing crab is the most famous dish in Fukui (his hometown)

39. He hates insects. But when a lady-bug flew on stage during his live he gently picked it up to push away from stage not to step on it

40. He always borrows money from his manager and never returns. It was around 70.000 yen last time he mentioned how much he owes her

41. He doesn't care if the clothes or accessories are feminine or not. He tends to wear what he likes and wants everyone to think the same

42. It's very hard for him to find clothes that would match his taste so he dreams to make his own clothing brand one day

43. He once said he cross-dress to entertain audience and at home does very manlish things. Then he regretted saying it and asked to forget

44. His favorite colour now is purple/lavender. In 2013 he said it's pink and blue and a little bit later it was green

45. For underwear though he loves flashy neon colors. He was wearing orange and yellow during this summer and prefers low-rise type

46. He starts washing himself from head and dries his hair while being naked. In the evening after he told it he tweeted "I'm drying hair"

47. Once he forgot his change and recorded without pants. Recording went better than usual and that became a habit on important recordings

48. He dreams of voicing some evil/bad character, preferably a girl. He mentioned it would be cool to voice a leader of a girl gang

49. Saito Hiromi (S agency president) didn't had a single clue about Shouta's gender when she first saw him

50. He was bullied at elementary school around age of 10 because of his high voice to the point he stopped going there and shut himself home

51. He has a complex about his voice and never tried singing until he became older and went to karaoke with friends...

...he thought it would be a waste to pay and not to sing and after his friends praised his abilities he first thought of becoming a singer

52. Up until recently he also had a complex about little hole on his forehead and tended to cover it with hair

53. He is in good terms with all his family but it was his mom who always was near him and always supporting him now. He loves her a lot

54. He was inspired to become a seiyuu when he was watching Sailor Moon as a child. A character named Fish Eye was voice by Akira Ishida...

...he found it awesome for a female character to be voice by male seiyuu as he couldn't recognize it until he saw name in credits

55. He fulfilled his dream of voicing female character voicing Calligostro. He was the only male seiyuu on audition and he got the role https://t.co/YEIUD0oun5

56. He really loves Sailor Moon even now. He wanted to be like Tuxedo Mask when he wants a child but now he wants to be a sailor warrior

57. The other "job" he would like to do is pokemon trainer. He played all Pokémon games since release up until Sun&Moon (he played Moon)

58. He can talk about Pokémon non-stop. He likes grass and water types, among his favs are Oddish, Tangela, Bellsporout, Scyther and Absol

59. He has a fear of riding a plane after watching Last Destination movie. Until that he was completely okay with planes

60. He gets scared really easy but that never stopped him of liking and watching horror movies. He watched a lot of western ones

61. His height is 173 cm. In many profiles 171-172 is written but he said he measured it recently and he grew up so he asked to change it

62. His first butai role was in Fruits Basket stage play then a role of a nurse ("Papa, I love you"). Both were secondary female roles

63. He did more female character roles as a stage actor than male characters

64. Because he had to play female roles a lot he went to cafes to sit and observe how girls act, their moves, hands positions etc

65. He finds it pretty when a girl uses her right hand to fix her hair on the left side or to clip her left earring and vice versa

66. He always gets very nervous before going on stage. He said eating sweets reduces stress but adds kilos

67. One of the stress-relieving advices from Shouta: write your worries on a toilet paper and flush it away

68. He loves drawing but claims to only be able to draw faces and fails with body https://t.co/wR1Rv5FtsM

69. He officially claimed he is Do-M

70. Fans usually called him an angel but throughout last year it escalated to the point he half-seriously introducing himself as archangel

71. He did temporary vocals as well as background vocals in many UtaPri songs (Nanairo Compass and Brand New Melody are one of them)

72. (not officially verified but) Shouta is his real name. Once he was asked how he was called in childhood and he answered Sho-chan

73. His real surname seems to be Yanagawa so full name is Yanagawa Shouta. There is no official information that states it, only some hints

74. As a kid he liked playing with cardboard boxes or sit inside them. He said it made him calm. He also liked the smell of cardboard

75. He uses hard tooth brush but that hurts sometimes

76. He has a kind of ankle fetish and he loves when this part can be seen on girls' ankles during summer (idk how it's called in english) https://t.co/stMAqnzWcu

77. I told he always brings a super glue in his bag. Apparently he has it in case his favorite leopard sneakers he always wears would rip

78. When he's tired it seems like a soul and mind left his body. He can spill his drink or break something accidentally without realizing

79. He is really bad with kanji to the point he mistakes reading for really common every-day words

80. He can hold seiza pose for a long time. He says even if he legs numb it's okay. (Seiza is Japanese traditional sitting pose) https://t.co/mhPEFzIwh1

81. When Shouta just moved to Tokyo he liked shopping in second-hand stores buying 100-200 yen T-shirts

82. He hates riding buses alone both in Fukui (hometown) and Tokyo because he gets frustrated where and when should he push "stop" button

83. Started living alive he phoned someone (his mum or friends) every night. He had home-sick and was scared to be alone in the room

84. When he was a child he voice was even higher to the point he was called a dolphin

85. He is cautious about clothing price. If he goes shopping he decides before head "I won't buy a shirt/shoes if more expensive than 〇〇yen"

86. He can't sleep without anything to lie his face on (like a pillow). He ends up hugging the pillow like this unconsciously https://t.co/7YFvvlsjPb

87. He also likes the feeling of freshly-washed bed-sheets and enjoys sleeping in underwear only or sometimes naked

88. He likes Starbucks and used to go there almost everyday. He drinks only sweet drinks and his favorite is Frappuchino

89. He likes romantic stories with sad end. He mentioned "The Little Mermaid" being his favorite several years before Smile Mermaid stage

90. When he started voice acting he made kissing sounds kissing his hand. He thought it doesn't sound natural and learned using lips only

91. When he meets a new person he seriously looks in his/her eyes while speaking to understand his character. Some people start freaking out

92. He likes dying hair in different colors and when fans started worrying about hair damage he said he doesn't really think about future

93. His hometown is not big and people are not into street fashion yet as a teenager he walked around the city in kigurumi pajama https://t.co/mGLCflnLWt

94. He went to aquarium for the first time in his life for Newtype magazine photo shoot. He never been there before https://t.co/CZrxuRX4TK

95. He likes cold weather more than hot one because he can wear a lot of cute clothes like sweater and coats

96. He doesn't like rain because he starts having sad melancholic mood. But smell of the ground when the rain starts is nice

97. He likes handmade both for gifts and food. Once a girl asked what gift he can suggest for her boyfriend and he said home-made cooking

98. His room was simple with olive carpet, khaki sofa and brown table with a decided area for work things and to rest. He moved already

99. Last year he changed apartment for a quieter area and for a long time lived without furniture there because he had no time to order it

100. His parents still live in Fukui. His dream is to buy a place in Tokyo for them to move and live together ...and buy a corgi then

101. Among the characters he voiced he treats Rui (Tsukiuta) as his precious son and called himself "a caring parent" once in his blog https://t.co/cycVkfBUwR

102. He LOVES UtaPri. He completed almost all routes in all games and he cried when the first episode of season four aired

103. He considers Mikaze Ai smarter than himself and looks up to him

104. He was very anxious voicing Ai who is a sempai character in front of his real voice actor sempais as he was the only newbie out there

105. When he was playing UtaPri his heart was beating the fastest during Otoya route. He liked the way Otoya expressed his feelings directly

106. For a characters he would like to have as actual sempais in real life and Reiji and Camus together

107. For BanYaro audition Shouta tried to sing for OSIRIS songs as he liked the cool feeling that songs give but hearing Masanori singing...

...he immediately thought "This is real OSIRIS!" Though when Masanori saw Shouta at audition he thought he (Masa) failed without trying

108. He loves Visual Kei style for songs and clothes. The t-shirt he wore for Jinrou Battle was from a Visual Kei brand CIVARIZE https://t.co/FYPe7xPgPz

109. Countries he mentioned he would like to visit are France, Italy, South Korea and also visit all prefectures around Japan

110. For South Korea he dreams to go shopping for cosmetics and buy a lot of face masks (packs)

111. Random but his favourite bakeries are Blue Bird bakery, Boulangerie Lab and 王子製パン

112. He loves using kaomoji. His old tweets had a kaomoji almost after every sentence. Right now his most used one are (≧∇≦)and (*☻-☻*)

113. He hates honorifics (like adding -san to a name) and prefers people to call him Shouta or Shoutan (like his fans do)

114. His lives are called Wonder Lab because even he doesn't know what will come out in the end (like during lab researches)

115. Wonder Lab - laboratory and "Dr.Shoutan" was a theme for his 2016 live pamphlet but apparently became a title for all his solo-lives https://t.co/zfFYX5gsdT

116. His official fan-club name is "A Happy Lab" because it's a place (a laboratory) where together with fans he can create something new

117. Fans are called Lab mem(bers) (ラボメン) because they all are a part of a lab, those who create together with Shoutan not only observing

118. Though he more often uses "those, who support me" than "fans". He also rarely use fanclub name, once he even forgot how is it called

119. Not only corgis, he likes dogs more than cats in general. Dogs usually protect when cats can hurt (scratch) you while playing

120. His hair grows really fast. Sometimes he even cuts it by himself

121. After suspending his career as SHOWTA and before debuting as Aoi Shouta he was an utaite. His nickname on niconico was N◎B◎っと (Nobotto)

122. The reason he dissolved contract with King Records (SHOWTA times) is because they didn't let him to have anime/voicing related jobs

123. In a relationship with a girl he wants to lead (to choose places to go to together, to be the one to rely on etc)

124. Japanese pun - Shouta's name (翔太) has 羽 element which means wings. 翔 (Shou) means "to fly" He's truly an angel with angelic name

125. Aoi (蒼井) is literally blue color written with an old way (青い is modern way) That is the reason why blue is the main fanclub color

(During his live fans use different color for each song but everyone hold blue glow sticks before live starts)

126. His blog is called "Blue Feather" which is literally a kind of poetic translation of his name