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// 1. 18 year old trans boy from VA. 🙆🏼‍♂️

// 2. I’m a HUGE marvel fan, and my personal is a marvel fan acc.

// 3. I got into DBH when Jacksepticeye did a playthrough of it. I didn’t get to play it for myself until 3 days ago, and i finished my playthrough in a 24 hour time span.

// 4. I’m moving into college in less than 4 weeks! Majoring in History with a concentration in Secondary Education. I might focus a bit on graphic design and animation while I’m there too!

// 5. I went to ComicCon in Northern VA as Spider-man this past June. My costume was handmade and I was SUPER proud of it.

// 6. I have two tattoos, one inspired by Jacksepticeye and one in memory of my Grandma. 💝

// 7. I’m hoping to be Connor for ComicCon/Halloween in October, and I’m super excited to pretend to be pure for a weekend.

// 8. I’ve been roleplaying on a website called Quotev since 2010. 👀

// 9. I have two geckos and one cat to my name, but at my house there’s two geckos, two cats, and three dogs. 😳