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I. Initially, the story was supposed to be set in the 30's-40's, with some pictures of previously-unknown Sodor trickling into the press

II. Topham, obviously, was the baddie, with connections not only to the royal family but also to underground scientific corporations

III. At any rate, Hatt discovered that - somehow - that Sudric coal (original, I know) gave engines life from their first steaming onwards. The particular properties in the coal could have also served as cures for then-prevalent diseases - Topham decided otherwise

With sentient engines and a surplus of coal, TFC now had an expendable workforce - although they needed crews for operation, the engines were essentially free laborers without any means of resistance - or so it seemed

V. Although the various engines attempted strikes, they were quickly replaced with others - eventually, the British government turned a blind eye and allowed the major railway companies to partake in the scheme