I’ll do a fact thing on Kenji, inspired by @Mochipupper One like, retweet, or comment is one fact about Kenji. It can be about anything! I’ll try to think of some random stuff https://t.co/hfcTU5GfbQ

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Kenji enjoys baths and being squeaky clean. He stays very still so his mom can scrub him down real good. He gets a bath every day.

If you tug on Kenji’s tail, he’ll yip. If you boop his nose, he’ll sneeze. If you poke his belly, he’ll burp. If you touch his beans he’ll giggle.

Kenji only sucks on his pacifier when he’s going to bed at night. He won’t take naps with it or suck it anywhere else. Kenji demands his pack and something to snuggle with at night

If you hear Kenji rattling, it’s because he shoved all his Matchbox cars in his diaper again. Silly puppy...

He loves having his back scratched. Kenji will instantly be your best friend if you scratch his back.

Kenji will love you even more if you take off his collar and scratch his neck

Kenji despises the beach. He hates the heat, he hates the sand, he hates swim diapers, he hates life jackets... He become MAXIMUM GRUMP

Don’t you dare interrupt Kenji’s playtime with changies or diaper checks. Either you let him continue what he was doing on the changing table or leave him alone!

Kenji can speak a impressive amount of Japanese as well as English

For whatever reason... Kenji will bitch and whine in Japanese

Kenji is a excellent cook! He loves helping make cookies by putting his paw in the cookie dough. That helps, right?

Kenji doesn’t care about being in a used diaper. He won’t tell you he needs a change until he starts getting a rash

He was extra smol pupper when he was born. So tiny, much fragile. He was born 2 weeks early

Kenji’s birthday is January 15th

Kenji hates sharing, and is on record flipping shit on kids that touch his stuff. He’ll play with you, but keep your paws off his fancy mech toys

Kenji has been to Japan twice. Once for his 3rd birthday and once as an infant

Kenji will get angry before he cries. He doesn’t cry much, he’ll get super mad before he starts wailing. He’s prone to temper tantrums... as to be expected from a Akita

Kenji is maximum soff

Kenji lifts his leg slightly when he pees. Maybe it’s instinct or something

Kenji pees himself when he’s excited, and if he needs to go... Well... He’ll mess himself if he gets spooked

Kenji gets really pissed if you confuse him for a Shiba Inu.... like, really really pissed

If you give Kenji too many cookies, he’ll get super-duper hyper... then he’ll crash and fall asleep somewhere random

Kenji’s favorite juice is apple juice

Being a Akita, Kenji is slightly bigger than most pups

Kenji hates the leash. He wants the freedom to wander where he pleases without getting tugged on

Kenji’s favorite food is soooooshi. Though he likes American sooshi much more than Japanese sooshi


When Kenji gets his paws on a nerf gun, he shoots everyone. He’s a little nerf serial killer

Kenji sleeps in a queen size bed with bed guards. He is spoiled pupper. Kenji’s room is full sized with a entertainment center and a couch

Kenji’s mom has to always pack extra diapers in her bag... he has a talent plowing through diapers

Kenji’s favorite game is Mario Kart