I'm gonna be a day late and just pop on this little trend. One like - one fact about Echoes Ay Th' Glen, my WIP series. https://t.co/byayZa9JOw

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1 - Lightning's actually the only character who's stuck to a single identity throughout his existence, though his facial design has changed multiple times from 2011 to 2018.

2 - The stories originally took place in Gloucestershire, but upon becoming inspired by the Scottish landscapes, I decided to relocate it to Morayshire. Here's a rough map of the standard- and narrow-gauge routes.

3 - There are two characters named Sefina. An Ivatt 2MT, and the railway's manageress, Sefina Kaiwi. This isn't a coincidence, as the Ivatt wanted to honour her owner. The engine's original name was Elei. (Sefina Kaiwi artwork commissioned from the wonderful @shionyaahh)

4 - The Cyclone is one of several cars officially owned by the Glen Heather Railway company, though it was intended to be a company car. Eventually it became a rally car to advertise the railway. It bears the name of its original owner, despite being driven under another's hand.

5 - Most of the rail-bound characters are female. This is inspired by most railwaymen referring to locomotives as female.

6 - Only a select few of the narrow-gauge locomotives are real prototypes. The rest are freelance, heavily researched and proofed to make sure they're believable, and they also serve specific roles. For example, the dinky 'Mu-Lan' is one of two pilots for heavy passenger trains.

7 - The narrow gauge engines were directly named after existing characters from the world of animation. Eventually these names were dispensed with, though one set of plates survives on the standard gauge J11, 'Meridith'.

8 - All character bios are kept strictly up to date in neatly formatted documents. These, however, are simply brief cues rather than fully fledged bios, which allows the characters to be as flexible as possible.

9 - Each character has to be designed based around smokebox door application, with only a few exceptions. Frank's faces in particular are a challenge at such a small size, thus forcing me to make them larger.

10 - Golden Eagle, the only Pacific, was a challenge to design. In the end she became Egyptian (their coat of arms is a golden eagle), and she's to use the fourth of these facial designs, which represents both a visor and a full hijab without compromising the streamlining.

11 - The original focus of the railway was larger engines and fast express services. This changed entirely in 2017, and the focus became a mix of suburban passenger and industrial locomotives.