I'm bored does anyone want some fun facts about the TFatP characters? 1 like = 1 fact!

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1. Grin's horns are actually deformed. His kind's horns are supposed to curl around their ears like a ram.

2. Kratiir didn't lose his front leg and wing in the Uprising. He actually got tetanus in them in an accident months later.

3. Feyra used to sneak away from the Nest to meet with a male dragon called Bauruus. They were planning on eloping.

4. Aisha got kicked out of her Tribe because she got caught sleeping with her leader's wife.

5. Torio had a daughter with Osyrion Snr. Her name was Peridot and she was the same age as Feyra. She died along with her mother.

6. Heath and Quiver will lose their baby fluff when they get older :(

7. Osyrion (the younger) wants to either be an explorer or a herbalist when she grows up

8. Malina's first husband left her bc he couldn't deal with her paranoia, which destroyed her self-esteem.

9. Torio is a recovering alcoholic. He was doing well, but not that his best friend has died...well...

10. Raenis's hatred of dishonesty comes from an event in her past that Onarius was responsible for

11. Kai is the son of the Wyvern Queen Y'fria who Raenis killed in the Uprising. He doesn't know this.

12. Tytos was an alchemist and medic before he was Raenis's servant.

13. Vince's full name is Vincorak, though he hates being called that.