1 like = 1 fact abowt me ngatgatngat ((im not feymous))

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I'm 13 yrs old ((be shookt))

Dancer ako for 6 or 7 years na!!!

My fave color is blueeee

Me is a student council ngangatngat

Me is a girl ( gender reveal ) be shookt guys ngatngatngat

I am a tall hamster

I study in Dominican school manilaaaaaaaa cambodya ngayngatmgat

I dont like math and never will :-(

I have short fur (hair)

I love competitions coz im competitive ngatngatngat

I is good at giving advices hehehe ngatngatngat

I am not an academic achiever :---( but still smart, math kills u know

Soo uhm i am very makulit na makulit hehehe ngatngatngat

I love eating unli wings coz even tho im thin i eat alowt (depends)

I love everyone who loves me too but i love everyone anyways

I dont get mad agad agad hehehe

I like sleeping, i can sleep anywhere

Me loves veggies

I love taking a bath

I dont know how to swim

Me has single mama

I love writing poems

I sleep alot alot lotlot

I like designing

I like eating fries and ice cream. No i dont like it, LOVE ITTTTTTT

Tinola is my fave

Fave song for now is jocelyn flores

I like drawing pero di magaling

Me is more active on twitter nowadaysss

Everyone is cute for me

I have alot of friends