hey i wanna talk about leafe!! one like = one fact abt the series/characters! feel free to ask ur own questions too 💕

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1) leafe has gone through 3 reboots since it’s original form! in its first 2 drafts it was a ginga fan series, and in the last 2 it was broken off into its own universe.

2) the names of each draft were Ginga Densetsu Leafe, Midori no Ko: Leafe, and then LEAFE!!

3) zephyr is dj's revamp! they have very diff personalities but they're technically the same character lol. in the previous draft, zeph looked like the middle image, but we changed him again to pay homage to his original design.

4) sap (one of leafe's best/childhood friends) evolution

5) jane evolution! fun fact in the OG ms paint leafe when she first appears in episode 1 she's called "jade" then i guess my dumbass forgot or smth cuz she's jane after that

6) in "season 2" of og leafe (which was gonna be after ep6) leafe was gonna get elemental powers and fight bears or some shit?? there was gonna be a new bad guy since cane got uh Murdered (i think the gray dude with the scars was the new bad guy)

7) speaking of cane dying at the end of ep6, in og leafe that bear with the blue hair (i think his name was like kojakuku or smth lmao) was the one who killed him, but in the first reboot it was leafe's long lost brother (who belonged to the 3rd writer we kicked out lol)

8) also cane is still in the series! he's a pretty minor character now but this is what he looks like (might make some color adjustments for the final ref)

9) here are a few color concepts i had for the previous draft of leafe!

10) and some color concepts for the current draft... (the last one is the only one i got rid of lol)

11) aaaaand some markings concepts! i honestly still really luv all of these but decided to go with his original redesign markings

hey just for uh...just for kicks...which is ur fav 👀

12) in the previous drafts of leafe there were over 18 episodes planned out, but in the current version there are only 6 episodes and a prologue

13) as an adult leafe becomes known as "the green god" and "the green angel" in the forest. he gets this nickname because he's a very positive, helpful, and active part of the community there

14) crowe becomes known as "the queen of the city", and besides this name and rumors, not much else is known about her by leafe and his friends until they meet again.

15) leafe takes his nickname of "the green god/angel" literally for a long time, thinking that because he's called this and is "naturally" green for a long time (he starts rolling in algae once the stains on his fur begin to fade) he's some sort of heavensent gift to the forest

16) these divine delusions lead leafe to be very sensitive to criticism & jokes about it, & he handles failure very poorly. he does everything he can to protect and help others in the woods when need be, as he feels its his duty as a divine. he feels awful if he fails to do so

17) leafe is a very adventurous, playful, and caring individual. he is especially optimistic and outgoing in the beginning of his story, and when she meets him again, his sister perceives his outlook on life and behavior as childish naivety.

18) crowe is serious and analytical. as a pup, she had a playful, optimistic side that she got from her brother. she grew out of this as she got older, tho she still holds on to a bit of mischief.

19) crowe and leafe don't see eye to eye in their adulthood. they grow up to have different outlooks on life and on their childhood, and this (among other things) leads to conflict between them

Oh Damn.....

20) crowe is the only cis sibling also lol leafe is agender and bear is nonbinary

21) crowe always calls leafe "little brother" even tho the three are the same age, but since leafe is the smallest she calls him that to tease him. leafe hates it but finds it endearing at the same time

22) bear is a big sweetheart who gets lonely easily. they're a passive individual and dislike confrontation, so leafe and crowe's conflict heavily effects them

23) bear and leafe are both pretty emotional so they talk about their feelings together a lot. bear tries to talk to crowe in the same manner but she's way more reluctant to discuss how she feels

24) one of the reasons crowe keeps her emotions bottled up as a pup is because she feels responsible for her siblings once they stop seeing their mother. she wants to protect them reality in a way. she refrains from telling them what she knows & what she's going thru

25) leafe loves bugs, especially ones with bright colors or ones he finds cute. he goes bug hunting in the forest on occasion, his friends sometimes come along with him

26) this is herb! he comes in around the middle of the series. he lives with an old woman in the city, where leafe meets him. as his name suggests, he's knowledgeable abt the use of different kinds of plants lol

27) some justin concepts vs his final design

28) zeph mockups vs final design

29) honey is zephyr's adoptive mother! she's like the forest caretaker, everybody knows her and loves her. visiting honey's hut is like visiting grandma's house lol. she's always got soup or smth cooking and has lots of warm blankets and beds to lounge in

30) this is honey's old design (drawn by shaye, who owns honey!) and her 2 bio kids she had in a previous draft. they were going to be considerably older than zeph and live on their own in the forest, but visit honey often. we scrapped them as to not clutter the cast

31) here's leafe's mom, cherice! she's nurturing and empathetic, especially so to her neighbor in the mill, autumn (sap's mom). she's a gentle and positive figure in the mill, and often shares stories of the outside world with everyone. it helps lift their spirits.

32) i know i tweet abt these two all the time but i just luv them so much these are shaye's girls lilac and rose. they're girlfriends & they're so tender with each other

33) lilac and rose have been surviving on their own in the forest ever since lilac's father kicked her out of his herd for being trans. rose went with her, and the two have been inseparable ever since. they're very in tune with each other & can perfectly synchronize in battle

34) rose is mute, but lilac understands all her signing & body language, so they have no trouble communicating.

35) lilac likes to wear flowers on her antlers & ears. i forgot to include them in her ref, but she's nearly always decorated with pretty plants

36) lilac and rose's names in the previous draft of leafe were keiko and asuka. here's lilac's old ref, i never got around to making rose then

37) during the period that leafe slips into depression, his true coat is revealed (his natural blonde colors) as he stops rolling in algae & grass when his "green god" reality is crushed.

38) usually, humans pay little attention to the city dogs. most of them are spayed or neutered, and the small city can't afford to get rid of them all. the dogs aren't aggressive and prefer to stay away from humans, at least until a certain someone comes along...

39) leafe is one of my first ocs to ever make! this is the earliest drawing i have of him (he wasn't originally a ginga oc, that's why he looks like that lol)

40) One Day You Will Know What This Means (jojo made it lol)

41) i don't think i posted about these 2 yet, this is zen (who belongs to shaye!) and sav! they're members of crowe's group, but eventually leave her to head to the forest. sav causes a bit of hashtag drama in leafe's group when she shows up lol

42) leafe has doubts that he's doing the right thing throughout the series. i've noticed i put that in a lot of my stories lol.....is the protag really the "good guy"? Hmmm

43) im thinking of giving leafe a collar after a specific event in the series but i haven't decided yet....

44) zephyr was leafe's mentor figure & much older in og leafe and its first reboot, but in the current draft he's one of leafe's childhood friends. he's pretty serious but he can be a bit of a brat sometimes lol he also gets jealous easily, but only over a certain dog 👀

45) the story was set in japan for the first 3 drafts, but is now set in the US (in washington, specifically)

46) actually just tweaked leafe's ref a bit! i changed his natural coat to be closer to bear's colors, so more red-ish rather than more yellow!

47) the series mostly follows leafe's side of the story, but there are a few episodes that switch over to crowe's side to give some insight on her whereabouts